Beacon Pines

Normal isn’t what it used to be. Glowing trees, shady corporations, running for your life, and never knowing who to trust. Welcome to Beacon Pines!

Winnie the Pooh meets Twin Peaks. Beacon Pines is a game about a book about a town about to change. You play as Luka VanHorn, a sweet but sarcastic deer-boy who lives with his grandma. As you explore the Beacon Pines, you and your friends will uncover its dark past.

Each day of gameplay is a chapter in the book.

Unlike most adventure games, it's not a matter of choosing between lines of pre-written dialog. Instead, you'll be prompted at certain points to fill in a missing word in the story.

Beacon Pines is a small farm town caught between the past and the future. Change is coming, the sort of change that can dredge up old secrets.

Beacon Pines is currently in alpha. Join our discord to follow progress.